eGift Cards

A great way to grow your loyal client base.

The eGift Card website allows people who are not members of your other Skoop! programs to purchase “virtual” Gift Cards and send them to their friends and family via email or mobile picture message.

One $50 Gift Card can replace ten $5 credit card purchases and save you 90% of the transaction fees. The program more than pays for itself, starting on Day 1.

  • eGift Card customers spend more per visit, and act as your brand ambassadors in their social networks.
  • Skoop! eGift Cards use a QR code (as well as the gift card account number and a PIN) in the email or picture message that is sent to the recipient. Just attach an inexpensive QR code scanner to your POS, or use the Skoop! Tablet App with the tablet’s built-in camera.
  • See a significant increase per transaction when customers use eGift cards.
  • Increase revenues from “Float” and “Breakage”.

Accommodate the “cashless society” — it’s a growing trend!

  • Your customers prepay for their purchases—days—weeks—months—in advance. It doesn’t get better than that.
  • Funds are deposited directly into your bank account when the customer purchases an eGift card.
  • Franchises and multi-location businesses can choose either Corporate or Location pooling.
  • Track activations, reloads, redemptions, etc., using the Skoop! online web portal.

A convenient solution your customers will appreciate.

  • Recipients can manage accounts online, including checking the balance as well as adding value to it using a credit card.
  • eGift Cards can be “registered” into the customer’s Mobile Payment account, so they can leave their wallet and plastic cards at home.
  • Seamless integration of the eGift Card program with Skoop! Loyalty & Rewards provides your patrons with a single account having two times the power!
e-gifting is great for prepaid purchases, boosts revenue and brand loyalty too.

Short on time? Let Skoop! do it for you.

Put our experience and expertise to work for you so you can focus on your operations.

Skoop! will create, run, and monitor your integrated Loyalty & Rewards, Online Ordering, Mobile Payments and Precision Marketing campaigns and services; then we’ll report to you on up to 5 campaigns per month, for a low monthly fee.