Precision Marketing

Personal. Powerful. Precise.

Use Skoop! Precision Marketing services to gain unprecedented insight into your customers’ buying habits and preferences, and automatically market to them as individuals. Be at your customers’ fingertips when they want you there. Your sales will show it.

The Skoop! Precision Marketing Service allows customers to choose their preferred communication channel with you:

  • Text message (SMS) — instantaneous and to the point, with a virtually 100% open rate.
  • Picture message (MMS) — an image of your product or coupon, with a 300 character message to go along with it.
  • Push Notification — location-based, real-time, rich media messages to your app-carrying customers.
  • Email — say more, show more, and communicate with customers who are less inclined to use mobile devices.

The Skoop! Precision Marketing platform provides a single, integrated place to track, measure, report on, and analyze your campaigns’ performance, regardless of whether the message was delivered as SMS, MMS, Push, or Email.

Lift sales with real-time hyper-targeted location-based messaging. Tailor your program for specific customer profiles.

Based on customer preferences, product supply, time-of-day, and even the weather, send your targeted messages to achieve specific goals. Boost profits by pushing your high margin products or clearing your old or perishable inventory.

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Please provide your name and email address for your free download.

Short on time? Let Skoop! do it for you.

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Skoop! will create, run, and monitor your integrated Loyalty & Rewards, Online Ordering, Mobile Payments and Precision Marketing campaigns and services; then we’ll report to you on up to 5 campaigns per month, for a low monthly fee.