Online Ordering

Drive repeat visits, revenue and profit — with Online Ordering.

Increase operational efficiency, as customers routinely submit complete and precise orders that fall right into your workflow.

Online Ordering makes it easy to serve your customers exactly where and when they need you.
  • Significantly increase average ticket size and repeat visit frequency.
  • Automatically gather customer buying pattern data, which will in turn enhance the targeting and content of your Precision Marketing campaigns.
  • Make it easy for customers to buy from you while they are on the go, gaining a significant edge over competitors.
  • Give customers time to examine your menu, and they will buy more.
  • Decrease phone orders, minimizing errors and allowing your staff to do their jobs.
  • Enable customers to save their “favorites” and re-order them with one quick click.
  • Up-sell with the automated “see-what-other-people-like-you-have-purchased” method.
  • Receive online orders at your store via fax, email or POS integration.
  • Create unlimited custom menus.
  • Get detailed reports on your sales and customers’ order history.

Use your Online Ordering data to leverage the Loyalty & Rewards program and Precision Marketing service.

  • Customers can spend their Reward cash, and redeem Gift Cards and Precision Marketing coupons within the Online Ordering platform.
  • Send Precision Marketing coupons with offers that are hyper-targeted to Online Ordering users.
  • Encourage Loyalty & Rewards members to use Online Ordering by giving them double points or special Online Ordering-only coupons.

Modernize your operations and your brand.

  • The Online Ordering platform comes with customized desktop and mobile websites to match your brand.
  • The optional Online Ordering iOS and Android apps put you right on your customers’ home page, and enables you to run Push Notification and Geolocation-driven campaigns.
  • Control every aspect of your Online Ordering platform using a personalized Admin web portal.

Download the Online Ordering Flyer.

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Please provide your name and email address for your free download.

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