Loyalty & Rewards

Build an army of Brand Advocates — with Loyalty & Rewards.

Loyal customers are the best customers. They visit more frequently, spend more per visit, and act as your brand ambassadors in their social networks. Create more of them every day with Skoop! Loyalty & Rewards.

Registration is easy and communications are highly personalized
  • Boost repeat visits.
  • Increase average ticket size.
  • Dramatically grow the size of your loyal customer base.
  • Automatically build dynamic profiles of your Loyalty members, enabling you to use Precision Marketing to market to each member as an individual.
  • Integrate Skoop! Rewards with your POS system, or use the stand-alone Skoop! Tablet App, to capture each member’s transactions – the lifeblood of the program.
  • The platform automatically sends a text message or email to every new customer inviting them to register for Rewards. Your customers then use the convenient branded mobile registration web app to join your Loyalty & Rewards program.

Download the Loyalty and Rewards Flyer.

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Please provide your name and email address for your free download.

Short on time? Let Skoop! do it for you.

Put our experience and expertise to work for you so you can focus on your operations.

Skoop! will create, run, and monitor your integrated Loyalty & Rewards, Online Ordering, Mobile Payments and Precision Marketing campaigns and services; then we’ll report to you on up to 5 campaigns per month, for a low monthly fee.