About Text Messaging

Anytime, Anywhere Customer Engagement!

Text messaging enables you to send important, time sensitive messages to your opted-in audience.  Your messages may contain announcements, alerts, news, driving directions, and even mobile coupons. You can use text messaging to run contests, confirm appointments, get customer feedback, run a rewards program, and so much more.

If you don't care when, or if, a customer reads your message...send an email.  If you want them to read it within seconds of you sending it...send a text message!


Texting Requirements

All text messaging campaigns require the following elements:

KEYWORD:  this is the word that end-users will “text in” to join your campaign. The keyword is what defines your campaign on a particular SHORT CODE.  Skoop! will assign a keyword to your campaign upon its creation.

SHORT CODE:  this the short phone number – typically 5 or 6 digits – that the KEYWORD is sent to. The short code is typically owned and managed by the mobile marketing company. Skoop!'s main short code is 75667.

Demo:  text CARWASH to 75667 to join the Joe's Car Wash mobile club

Text Messaging Campaign Types from Skoop!

Build an opt-in subscriber list and then blast your messages to them on your schedule. Run a special one-day sale event on slow days, or sell your perishable inventory, or invite your best customers in for a preview of your new products!  The uses of a broadcast campaign are without limit.

Instant Coupons
Allow customers to easily "pull" your coupons on demand, simply by texting in a special keyword.  They redeem them by just showing the message at your business. Or, use Skoop!'s powerful Mobile Coupon Redemption Platform to redeem, track, amd measure your coupon program performance.

Appointment Reminders
A text message reminder before an appointment is a proven way of decreasing "no-shows". Your customers will appreciate the reminder and you will decrease expensive dead-time...and increase your revenue!

Allow customers to participate in fun contests...a great way to engage your audience and at the same time, build your subscriber list.

Voting / Polling / Surveys
Allow customers to weigh-in... and get valuable feedback on how you're doing. This a great way to build your subscriber list and engage your customers at the same time. 

Contests and Sweepstakes
Offer a prize to your customers and prospects in return for joining your text alerts club... and watch them opt-in.

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